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A valuable gift to yourself: HSP Empowerment

Today I want to tell you about my dear friend Sabijn Arts from the Netherlands, who has created an online program for Highly Sensitive People who want to turn their overwhelm and stress into a chance to live life in integrity and fulfillment. This transformative journey she calls "Head to Heart". Here is what she shares about herself and the journey:

Are you as an HSP ready to:

...Accept yourself and your high sensitivity as you are?

...Change those patterns that are leaving you drained?

...Get rid of the feelings of guilt and over-responsibility?

If so, please join me on this powerful transformative journey to happiness

and loving selfcare for highly sensitive people

An extensive 10 module online program by intuitioncoach, hsp expert and

psychologist Sabijn Arts.

In a world that can feel intense, uncertain and turbulent at times, I’m here to guide you back to yourself, to the ancient wisdom of your soul and to the inner knowing that you are miraculous and you are so much stronger than you realise.

From Head to Heart is about getting back to the essence of YOU. It’s about finding your hsp rhythm and a lifestyle that beautifully supports it. It’s about connecting with your heart and intuition. And it’s about daring to live a life in true alignment with your soul.

Sabijn Arts Homepage

Give yourself this wonderful gift, and embark on a deep and self-loving journey.

From Head to Heart Plus 10 modules and many extras! Do it together, start 11th of June, biweekly live online sessions with me and like minded travellers around the world.

Early bird until the 4th of June, 299€ / 323$.

Full price, 5th-11th of June, 549€/594$.

Payment plan possible

From Head to Heart Basic An incredible journey! Do it at your own pace, going solo, start any time you want!:

199€ /215$ payment plan possible.

12 Month Mastermind Program Deep Self-care

Personal Session / Workshop Making Space for your Intuition

What do participants say:

Barbara: Yes, I can! Thanks to your Core Beliefs module, I am applying for a Master in Art Education. Something I have been avoiding for years; “Who do you think you are? You will never be able to do it! You are not creative enough! Studying again at 40? OMG, you are so dumb, you will never even get in!”

Leonoor: I highly recommend it! From Head to Heart has given me the right tools, greater insight and a safe space to deal with my HSP. For the first time in years, I had a wonderful Christmas without any family dramas The course brilliantly covers all the important HSP themes! I highly recommend it.

Myrna: I am taking better care of myself. I now understand why I am always so sensitive and easily upset, but I am more in tune with my feelings and intuition. I take my self-care more seriously because it affects my energy. I have made great progress in trusting myself more. I try to listen less to my own critical voice - my core beliefs - and set my boundaries. Listening to you was a gift!

Maaike: I matter! Not everyone has to support my choices - as long as I make my decisions based on sincere feelings, I can assume that these are the right ones. Regardless of what someone else may think. I try manifesting this in everyday things, but also with bigger issues. This really strengthens me! Your knowledge and empathy is so spot on.

Suzan: I am not the only one! I couldn´t believe how similar other peoples´ experiences and stories were.I loved how you taught me how to deal with our HSP challenge and gave me practical insights and tools to do so. It was the last push I needed to publish my poetry. Thank you for your warmth and your grounded spirituality! Your experience shows in all aspects of the program.

About Sabijn:

A background in traditional psychology combined with my personal experience of HSP, allows me to bring a unique perspective to this work. I understand the struggles that come with trying to fit into an insensitive world. There are many things I love about my hsp. I have a deep connection to nature. I love art, good food and beauty in all its forms. I'm creative, wise and super intuitive. But that’s not to say it hasn’t come without its challenges - like dealing with overstimulation, learning how to assert myself, listening to and honouring my own needs, and learning to let go of feelings of guilt and overwhelm. I know you know what I’m talking about... I want you to know you don't have to hide away and make yourself smaller. Your sensitivity is not a problem to be ‘fixed’. You can be present and proud of who you are and expand fully into the person you came here to be. Deep alignment is possible. I know because I’ve seen it in my clients and I’ve experienced it for myself. My story...is probably a lot like yours. As a young child, I felt the energies and emotions of people and my surroundings very clearly. An angry teacher, friend or parent could affect me deeply. I learnt very quickly to adjust to the expectations and needs of others and to keep my sensitive inner world to myself. My biggest fear was that people would reject me. It has been a true journey of self-discovery learning to embrace and accept my feelings and to share them with my loved ones. I discovered how to step into my own authority and trust deeply the guidance within instead of looking outside of myself for answers and confirmation. The path to embracing my hsp has not always been an easy one, but I dared to make authentic choices, connect to my heart and intuition and had the courage to make the necessary changes. It has been a process of growing into myself, listening to my inner wisdom and learning to trust it. All of which has allowed me to follow my soul calling. My personality is passionate, positive and enthusiastic - I’m a big yes to life. I love dancing, singing, creating art and I have a deep soul call to be of service.

Guiding people in connecting with their own heart and soul is work I love. My favourite quote is one from Mr Shakespeare himself ‘To thine own self be true’. I could not possibly hope to help others if this was not also the way I live my own life. With truth, deep integrity and purpose. I would absolutely love to support you on your journey.

Lots of Love,

Linda Jayanara

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