Sa, 16th and So, 17th May 2020

With Siri Amrit Khalsa in the Living Temple

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Join this inspiring training to get insights and learn tools to support women in pregnancy and birth to be comfortable and enjoy their changing body, to connect to their inner wisdom and to have an active, empowering birth.

All through the tools of Movement, Dance, Voice and Song!

This training is for anyone currently working or who wishes to work with women during pregnancy and birth – midwives, doctors, doulas, nurses, prenatal yoga teachers, hypnobirthers etc. all welcome!

If you are pregnant yourself this can also be a very beautiful immersive birth preparation experience!

Why dance and use voice during pregnancy and birth?

When we dance we feel good, we connect to our body and feel strong. Dance and movement allow us to go within, following our inner movement, our own rhythm and discovering what feels good and what doesn’t. This enables a woman to be the leader, to connect to her bodies’ wisdom and to be in full control of herself.

Singing is a way of expressing ourselves from deep within. It isn’t about sounding pretty, but about letting ourselves be heard and opening up. When we sing, we automatically deepen our breath and enter a state of wellbeing and relaxation. Sound goes straight into our cells, bypassing our busy mind. Using ones voice is a very powerful way of expressing what lies deep within, connecting to our inner world as well as opening up and standing for ourselves.

Today more and more women are afraid of birth. There is a cycle of increasing medicalization of birth, interventions and many women come out of childbirth with a birth trauma. The exercises and tools you will learn during this training are invaluable to supporting pregnant women to face their fears, be present with what is and find (renewed) trust in their bodies ability to birth and to do so on their own terms.

What will you learn/experience in this training?

  • Dance exercises to come into contact with oneself and connect with inner wisdom.

  • Basic dance moves from world traditions such as oriental and African dance, especially adapted to pregnancy.

  • The benefits of dance during pregnancy.

  • Dance and movement to support birth.

  • How to support optimal fetal positioning with dance.

  • Voice exercises for deepening breath, entering a state of relaxation and for self-expression.

  • How the use of voice can support the birth process.

  • Singing as a bonding tool with the (unborn) child.

  • Voice as a tool for coming into ones own power and standing up for oneself.

  • Song and dance to create a community/sisterhood extending from pregnancy to the postpartum.

You will experience first-hand the joy and wellbeing dance and song creates and leave this training with a whole new sense of how to spread this joy and wellbeing amongst pregnant women in your current work, classes or by setting up classes, groups or workshops so pregnant women can have an empowering birth experience

Siri Amrit Khalsa

Doula, Birth Support



Living Temple, Aeschistrasse 12, 3362 Niederönz


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of May 2020, each day 9.30am - 5.30pm with a lunch break 


Early Bird price until March 15th: 330chf / after March 16th: 380chf

You can pay full price at once or in two installments or in three installments.
If you have questions regarding discount, don't hesitate to contact me:


On Saturday and on Sunday meals can be booked, cooked with love, and on request vegan and/or glutenfree.

Breakfast 8chf

Lunch / Dinner 14chf

Overnight accomodation:

Accomodation is available in the Living Temple or in the close area for free or for a small price. Please contact me if you wish for accomodation arrangement:


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